The JTRF2020 EOP Series
Richard Gross  1@  , Claudio Abbondanza  1  , Mike Chin  1  , Mike Heflin  1  , Jay Parker  1  
1 : Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Besides station positions, the space-geodetic observing techniques of VLBI, GNSS, SLR, and DORIS also observe the Earth's orientation in space. Since the different observing techniques are observing the same EOPs, the EOPs can be used to help tie together the networks of the stations of the different techniques. For JTRF2020, the EOP components used for this purpose were:

VLBI: polar motion, polar motion rate, UT1, and LOD

GNSS: polar motion and polar motion rate

DORIS: polar motion

SLR: polar motion

In the process of determining JTRF2020, the technique-specific EOPs are combined to form a combined EOP series. The combined JTRF2020 EOP series is the subject of this presentation. The combined JTRF2020 EOP series will be evaluated by comparing it to other reference EOP series including the combined ITRF2020 EOP series. Results of the evaluation will be presented.

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